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Chalkboard Confessions

Chalkboard Confessions are compiled portraits of people completing a single statement about themselves. Wielding a camera and a chalkboard, I took to the sidewalks and asked strangers what it was they “wanted to be”
This piece was the result of approaching outsiders going about their everyday lives and asking for their participation in the project. All of the responses were completed on the spot and directed by no one else other than those holding up the boards

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You can read my blog post here about how this particular installment developed in my mind through years of inspirations from friends and artists


Along with this project, I also wanted to gain some insight on what people where doing with their lives

The Question Box is an anonymous poll that asks, “What are you doing here”
I left the question vague enough so it could be interpreted in anyway the responder wanted. I was looking for a way of giving those not directly participating with the project a chance to also proclaim something to the world. The question itself was taken in many different lights, and each response represents the ways people reflected on their own time here.

These are the (anonymous) answers people gave
when asked, “What are you doing here?”


▲ Wishing I was somewhere more exciting.

▲ Nothing. And that is so incredibly depressing…

▲ Finding myself

▲ Climbing everything, one step at a time. :)

▲ Looking for a reason not to go

▲ I’m not sure yet

▲ Trying to answer that question.

▲ Procrastinating studying for the GRE 

▲ Trying.

▲ Not trying.

▲ Trying to make a difference.

▲ Seeing how far a dream can take me

▲ Sipping pinot grigio and watching the notebook while my nails dry.

▲ What am I doing here.. Does anyone really know? Perhaps I’m approaching this from too much of a philosophical standpoint. But life is too grand, too confusing, too miraculous for any of us to really understand just what exactly what we are doing here. We go about our lives performing mundane tasks that we think will get us to this ultimate place of happiness. But I don’t think we ever really get to a destination. And that’s terrifying and fascinating all at once.

▲ Hoping to make the most out of my summer!

▲ Using pinterest way too much!

▲ Jumping headfirst into every opportunity so I never have to ask myself “What am I doing here?”

▲ Trying to figure out why

▲ I got lost

▲ As my boss puts it. I’m living the dream. Last year I was laying in bed wide awake. IT was the night before I left for school. I was trying to decide what I wanted to do with my life. I had always though I wanted to go to grad school. However I had grown anxious of this thought. I was tired of waiting for my life to start. I decided that night that I wasn’t going to go grad school right now. I knew immediately I couldn’t stay in South Carolina any longer.  So I planned, I applied to so many jobs I honestly lost count.  I found myself motivated in a way I didn’t know I had. I applied myself to my art in a way I had never before. I worked studiously  on my economics degree as well. I graduated this spring, with a job even! I’m now out in Denver, truly glad I made it here. I’m out west, territory I’m falling in love with. Making many new friends both from work and living in a city.  I live a regemined life, saving time to work on my art every week. I’m ready for more.

▲ I am living my life one day at a time, trying to find my true purpose.

▲ I don’t know, ask my puppeteer

▲ Trying to get back up

▲ What I’m doing here is figuring out what I am and how I work and then
building a better one (i.e. superhuman general artificial
intelligence) to figure out more stuff.

▲ What am I doing in Spain? I have always lived in Spain and I have never thought about moving anywhere else. Until I went to live in England as part of my degree. While I was living there I spent what I would possibly call ‘the best time of my life’. It really helped me improve my English, I visited many places and I experienced many beautiful things I never did in my own country. When everything finished I came back home and now I am finishing my degree. What I’m doing now is finishing my degree and trying to learn as much as I can before being able to support myself financially for moving abroad.

▲ Figuring out a life after war.

▲ Where am I?

▲ Being me and that’s all.

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