Couch Project

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Couch Conversations

Couch Conversations was created as a way of listening (to just a few strangers) in order to expose any wisdom they could unleash onto the ears of curious pupils such as myself. With the help of some friends, we set up the couch in public spaces all over Cincinnati and encouraged people walking by to take a minute to talk to us.

I constructed a set of videos to highlight the experiences we had and to provide a fleeting look into the lives of those participating

Conversations on the Couch: John from Biz Y on Vimeo.

Conversations on the Couch: Tanesha from Biz Y on Vimeo.

Conversations on the couch: Jacob from Biz Y on Vimeo.

The Couch in Eden Park from Biz Y on Vimeo.

TEST from Biz Y on Vimeo.

Test Interview with Annie R from Biz Y on Vimeo.


Thanks to Annie, Jack, Sara and Tyler who all helped while filming
and thanks to those people willing to talk to us about your lives

The passion for this particular installment was ignited when I first saw this video long ago
It’s always been something I have wanted to try on my own and thanks to the fellowship, I finally got that opportunity